Saturday, October 20, 2007

Flowers For Agatha - 7" & 12"s

Someone asked for some Leeds Independent releases and here are the only ones I have. The best known band on that label is Rose Of Avalanche but here's another brilliant band, unfortunately not so wellknown.
The origins of Flowers For Agatha are already from 1980 when the band was called Bleeding Hearts. Later they changed name and started recording tracks in 1985 for the 'The Thickest Head' 7" and 'The Freedom Curse' 12". Last release is the 'Foolish Young Old And Stupid' 12". The band folded around 1986-1987.
There are demo recordings too so there's plenty of material that could make a reissue on CD as the vinyl is quite hard to find these days.
There's a Flowers For Agatha fanpage on MySpace here.

The Thickest Head 7" (Off Beat Records-OB 10-1985)
1. Presentation
2. The Thickest Head

Freedom Curse 12" (Leeds Independent-12 LIL 3-1985)
1. The Freedom Curse
2. The Common Enemy
3. GoldThief

Young Foolish Old And Stupid 12" (Leeds Independent-12 LIL 8-1986)
1. Through The Ceiling
2. Never The One You Want
3. To The Bitter End
4. Chasing Money Again

Flowers For Agatha


Perro D Chrome said...

I always come here and I want to give my gratitude for all the beautifull music that you share with us, Now I will know this group for you. Trisomie 21 Its wonderfull, True An embrace for to teach us wonderfull music. Un abrazo muy muy grande desde La "oración de las cenizas". The best postpunk music is here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Curious , I was the one asking for Leeds Independent label. Flowers for Agatha are very cool band. If you give me some contact adress I can send you two other bands on this particular label...

Curious Guy said...

Hello marx, you can contact me through this email address:

Anonymous said...

excelente aporte

Fritz die Spinne said...

I have their demos and some other unreleased trax--some great music.

The singles were evasive--thanks for ripping them.

The band may see re-release...word will spread when I know more.

Curious Guy said...

That would be great Fritz.

frankie teardrop said...

i was gonna toss up the freedom curse 12'' soon, you beat me to it! these guys are pretty great. i didn't have the thickest head though, thanks for that one!

mehrlicht said...

I just found out now that Jeremy Dyson of The League Of Gentlemen fame was once in Flowers For Agatha...

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