Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sturm Und Drang 12"s

A lot of bands were influenced by The Birthday Party back in the 80's. Think about Bone Orchard, Inca Babies,... Well there's also a band from The Netherlands who took the same influence to create their own sound.
Sturm Und Drang released 3 records as far as I know, these two 12"s and the 'Wild Style Cries' LP.
The first 12" is a decent effort but on the later records, singer René was replaced by a new one, Steef De Man. His vocals fit more to the sound of Sturm Und Drang.

Sturm Und Drang 12" (Gunmen Shots-SD 16661-1984)
1. Say Cheese
2. Bay-Bee
3. Talk Of Food
4. C.C. Video
5. T.I.T.S.

River 12" (Torso-TORSO 12012-1985)
1. River
2. Money
3. Going Places

Sturm Und Drang


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your excellent blog. Sturm und Drang are interesting, their weak point - as you say - is the singer. I am curious about listening to their album with the other singer (closer to Nick Cave?). Do you intend to post it?...

Curious Guy said...

Well the River 12" is with the new singer. I could do the LP. Still need to rip it.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the same singer who was trying to sing in a more agressive way... It would be nice to listen to the album. In any case, if you are thinking to post it, take your time... I am a big fan of The Birthday Party, and very curious about their influence in other bands.

Curious Guy said...

OK, I'll do the LP very soon blanchot. Hope you'll like it.

annie's animal said...

hi curious guy!!!
Thank you for the 12" eps i don't have them. If you are interested check my blog for Sturm und Drang record.

Anonymous said...

Hi Curious Guy. I have downloaded the Sturm und Drang album from Annie's Animal (also excellent) blog. So there's no need to post it. Thanks to both.
By the way, it would be good to see here also some rare stuff by another (and very different) Dutch band: Nasmak. I've got some of their albums at Soulseek...

Curious Guy said...

Blanchot, No Longer Forgotten Music blog posted some Nasmak albums if you're interested. See link in sidebar.