Monday, October 29, 2007

Lives Of Angels - Elevator To Eden LP

A great contribution by Ximo of Spain. Always wanted to hear this album and I'm glad that Ximo wanted to digitize this one.
I don't know alot about Lives Of Angels. It's actually a two-person effort. This album was recorded at home on 4-track by Gerald and Catherine O'Connell. They also appear on the 'Color Supplement' comp. album on Color Disc (Modern Art label). The 'Elevator Of Eden' LP is sometimes referred to as a minimal synth cold wave classic but there's also some psyche influence as well.
There's a Lives Of Angels MySpace page.
The 'Color Supplement' LP can be found on Mutant Sounds as well as a tape of Modern Art (pre-Sun Dial).

Elevator To Eden LP (Fire Records-FIRE LP 2-1986)
1. Pavilion
2. Ascension
3. Artificial Intelligence I
4. The Rock Drill
5. Imperial Motors
6. In The Image Of Youth
7. Cold Expression
8. Artificial Intelligence II
9. Golden Age
10. Meltdown

Lives Of Angels (new link)


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, this is great music!

frankie teardrop said...

this record's been a favorite of mine for some time... that first track is killer, may be working on a cover of it for an offshoot. glad to see it grace these pages!

Anonymous said...

can you please reupload this one....iam really interested to hear this album....thanks

Curious Guy said...

New link coming ASAP.

Plastiquegal said...

I gotta thank you for posting this! I thought I would never hear it again, and voila! You made early 2009 a great thing! ANd yesterday I found it and bought it! (paid a shitload for it), but I cannot wait to hear it on the needle!

Anonymous said...

That is an incredible album I had never heard. From the eighties. Do you know how rarely that happens. Thanks a lot! It is now on auto-repeat.

robin said...

"An Hour Of Color" Volumes 2 and 3 have more tracks from this band. Anyone have those?

Anonymous said...

Great Record. "Alternative Programming" is available on the Cau blog (streaming only). It's instrumental outtakes from that album. I am really interested in hearing the Hour of Color and Young Person's Guide to Color albums... There's 4 or 5 other Lives of Angels tracks out there.. "Gateway", "Green on Black", "Lives of Angels", "Heartland", and "Nothing Yet". Please post if possible! Thanks - Jay

Gerald O'Connell said...

Elevator To Eden has just been re-released on the Dark Entries label out of San Francisco.

It is a different version, much closer to the original cassette release on Color and with a greatly improved sound.