Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trisomie 21 - The First Songs Vol. I LP

Here's the Belgian reissue of Trisomie 21's second release; the 'Passions Divisées' LP. Originally released in 1984, also on Stechak Product.
Back in the day, Trisomie 21 was one of the very few cold wave bands that got some recognition outside of France. They played many concerts in Belgium and Holland.
There were a lot of cold wave bands from France but don't know many of them. A lot of those records are collector's items now.

The First Songs Vol. I LP (LD Records-LD 8813-1988)
1. See The Devil In Me
2. Relapse
3. Djakarta
4. Moving By You
5. Is Anybody Home? (Part 1)
6. Fête Triste
7. No Way
8. Love For A Life





Unknown said...

thanx for posting phoenix,
I think I still owe this lp,
haven't heard it in a looong time
because I don't have a record player
This is a still an awesome record...

Glenn said...

hey CG - i've got a fairly extensive collection of french coldwave records that i've been converting to MP3. if you're interested in aquiring any of these i'd be happy to share... if you want a list of what i've got i can email it to you.

cheers and that's for this fantastic blog.


Curious Guy said...

Hello Glenn, yes I'm very interested. Already got a few (Exces Nocturne, Opera Multi Steel) from other people. My email address:

Need to track down the Leitmotiv CD reissue. They seem to be very good.

armeur H said...

Hi Curious guy. Take a look at this site (french new wave) A very documented one.
Or this compilation "So young but so cold" on tigersushi (

armeur H said...

i post the "So Young and so cold : french underground 1977-1983" compilation on my blog. Take it at your ease.

>> Glenn : i am VERY interested. If you have some "Marquis de Sade", "Charles de Goal" or "Metal Boys" stuff !

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rips, also FLAC. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

For this one the 2 links 'flac & MP3' provide the same links for only mp3.
FLAC is so good especially made by you
I'm sure it will be fixed soon
Thank you again

Jo le Bricolo

Curious Guy said...

Looking at the volume of the files, all should be correct. Thanks for the appreciation.

Anonymous said...

HEllo It is Jo le Bricolo again
Sorry the flac pbm is for the other release of trisomie 21
The First Songs Vol. II MLP
Thank you again

Jo le Bricolo