Sunday, August 19, 2007

New links update 2

Here's the list of new uploads from the last days:
Cindytalk - Camouflage Heart LP
The Fifteenth - Andelain 12"
Inca Babies - First Four
Stiff Kittens - 7" & 12"s
The Three Johns - Atom Drum Bop LP
Elliott - 12"s
Pigbros - 12"s
V/A Nightlands LP
V/A Something Stirs LP

Still about 30 to go. Hope to finish them till the end of August.


MIKKseria said...

wonder if you got
"The divine album from nowhere to eternity"
... great collection from madrigal records including
:mecano, end of data, flue, tanit, fra lippo lippi, complot bronswick and eskimo released materials
i have this one in a very bad quality rip

much appreciation if u have it to post

Curious Guy said...

Would like to hear more from Divine/Madrigal myself. Don't have the comp. Sorry.

MIKKseria said...

cool, i got a better quality rip..
the eskimo track is scratched and ruined though:/
(no luck with the divine)

uploading it anyway.. the link (soon)

MIKKseria said...

the divine album

Jeralyn said...

Hey, I just want to say THANK YOU. A friend told me about your blog and I've been checking it periodically for months... you always post shit that I am completely into but usually have never heard of... so thank you for opening my mind to tons of amazing new music. x

Curious Guy said...

Done with pleasure jeralyn.

crassdivision said...

hi, check this if you have time :)

darksouldealer said...

wow i thought i was the only person in the world with the cindytalk lp..i have two in fact