Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bone Orchard - Jack LP

Bone Orchard were one of those bands from the UK who where strongly influenced by The Birthday Party. But instead of copying, they created a sound of their own. While the first records still have The Birthday Party sound, their 'Jack' LP shows more variety by adding other instruments like piano, cello, violin and saxophone. And as always, Chrissy Mc Gee, the female vocalist, groans and growls in her own distinctive way.
There's a deathrock page on Bone Orchard here.
I will post some more Bone Orchard records in the future.

Jack LP (Jungle Records-Freud 6-1984)
1. Jack
2. Lynched
3. Marianne
4. Touched
5. Five Days In The Neighbourhood
6. Girl With A Gun
7. Tongue
8. Scarlett Ropes



Anonymous said...

Another amazing entry of incredible musical worth. Her voice will hypnotize you like a darker Siouxsie. This music can get intricate and involved, very compelling on all accounts - a must listen!

Keep an eye out for more, folks, this is the stuff..


Anonymous said...

one of the best bands around at that time and still!
I was looking for the lyrics of that album if possible in particular Scarlett Ropes.
can anybody help?

Anonymous said...

Great great stuff! I knew 'jack 7"' and 'swallowing havok ep' before, but the whole album is excellent - thx a lot for sharing.

open ears......

El Isabelino said...

Hey I just found your blog and I have to stop right here and tell you 'What an amazing selection!',Siglo XX, Inca Babies and Bone Orchard!Nice back in time trip, thanks!Totally thrilled from Puerto Rico.

Anonymous said...

I'd totally forgotten about Bone Orchard despite the fact I actually most of the vinyl you've posted! Age-addled memory ahoy! Rest assured I'll be downloading this lot sharpish - ta VERY MUCH for up-ing 'em... IBx

Anonymous said...

P.S. Terrific sleeve too! God, I'm really regretting parting with this... IBx

Anonymous said...

I still cant believe Bone orchard have never released anything on CD, except for a few songs on various compilations.
They are simply Brilliant and so deserve to be remembered...

Beyond the Wall of Sleep said...

You saved my bloody week, mate. I have been searching and searching and searching for anyone who might be selling the LP. Thank you so much for posting this.

Anonymous said...

que dire,que du bonheur. (zoé division)

Anonymous said...

Please repost this!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!