Saturday, November 25, 2006

Inca Babies - Rumble

Here's the first album of the Inca Babies. Has a re-recorded version of 'The Interior' from the first 7" and the title track of the 'Big Jugular' 12" (see post below). Last track not credited on the sleeve.

Rumble LP (Black Lagoon-INCLP 005-1984)
1. She Mercenary
2. The Interior
3. Blindman (The Chiller)
4. The Diseased Stranger's Waltz
5. Leucotomy Meat Boss
6. Big Jugular
7. 16 Tons Of Fink
8. Cactus Mouth Informer
9. Grease Ball Mechanic
10. Untitled


News!! there is an official Inca Babies website here. And the last track is called 'Rumble', a cover of Link Wray.


Anonymous said...

"She Mercenary" always used to make the hairs on my neck stand up. 22 years later, NOTHING has changed. AWESOME

Anonymous said...

yeah-great band-i saw them in 85, london,e.ballroom as support jamc.
what a day!! cheers,mickey

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rip for Rumble by the Inca Babies.