Saturday, November 11, 2006


Pump was a duo from the UK and released one LP on Final Image. Band members Andrew Cox and David Elliot were already making music before as MFH, who appears on the well known 'The Elephant Table Album' compilation. They also collaborated with Nurse With Wound on his 'Sylvie And Babs Hi-fi Companion' LP.
For the Shock Headed Peters fans; Karl Blake sings and plays guitar on 'Lung', together with Malcolm Lane of Metabolist.
Final Image was a small label run by the people of O Yuki Conjugate.

Note: tracks 1 & 2 ripped as one track.

The Decoration Of The Duma Continues LP (Final Image-FIB 3-1987)
1. Dance Without Music
2. Blind
3. A Veiled Woman
4. Drop
5. Lung
6. Brinkmanship
7. A Sort Of Accident
8. The Hammering Stops
9. Raft

Soon to be re-released! Check it out at Forced Nostalgia Bandcamp page.


Anonymous said...

This album is stupendous, a true hidden post-punk gem!


Curious Guy said...

Hey Cz,
thanks for the well written views on some of the records posted here. Hope to read more of these in the future.

Curious Guy said...
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Curious Guy said...
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W. said...

I remember liking this. I'm looking forward to hearing it again.

Anonymous said...


I'm Andrew Cox of Pump. Glad you like the album. No problem with you making the album available. Sadly our second album never got released, due to being dicked around by a record label (Trident) for so long that we just gave up. It was called Sombrero Fallout, and featured Colin Potter on guitar on one track, and he co-engineered it with me. It's much better than the first album (IMHO).

Anyone out there want to release it?

Curious Guy said...

Hello Andrew, thanks for leaving a comment and making no objection that I posted your music here. I would like to hear the 2nd album. Hopefully someone reads this and is interested to release it.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Still have the demo in the attic, must dig it out and give it another listen Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Er... if you're still checking up on this, I've been googling Andrew and ended up here. If you (Andrew Hulme also) wish to contact me please do so via my MySpace page - Listened to Sombrero Fallout today - a wonderful CD. Would rather not post bad news here on your blog so please see blog section on MySpace page.

- Lawrence (friend of Andrew)

Curious Guy said...

Lawrence thanks for bringing the news although a very sad one. I already mailed a friend who is in contact with Andrew Hulme, including a link to your MySpace page.

Anonymous said...

sombrero fallout will soon be available on plague recordings:

Absolute Ruler said...

available here:

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On 80's Pump was one of the bands with more fans across the world. They even were my favorite band since I was 7. I loved all of them, but specially Andrew, He was more than an idol for me.

Forced Nostalgia said...

Decoration of the Duma reissue on its way, LP and CD.